Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (73) was rushed to the hospital after collapsing in Mexico | World | News

Together, the pair helped create Apple’s first computer after working in Silicon Valley.

Apple then became the most valuable company on the planet.

Recently, Wozniak has been among a number of high-profile signatories – along with the likes of them Tesla owner Elon Musk – in a letter calling for a pause in the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

He said BBC that AI regulation was vital during the 2023 interview.

He said: “The AI ​​is so intelligent that it’s open to bad players, those who want to deceive you about who they are.”

However, he added, the regulation should have been done correctly.

Wozniak concluded, “I think the money-driven forces usually win, which is kind of sad.”

Wozniak gave a speech on Wednesday and told his wife he “felt weird” after he finished.

His wife immediately raised the alarm after being told of his symptoms, celebrity news site TMZ reported.

The businessman initially refused to go to the hospital – but at the insistence of his wife, he eventually went.

He underwent tests while on his private jet and was checked by doctors to see if he needed further treatment in the US.

As Reforma reports, he is currently still in the hospital in a “stable” condition.

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